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Advanced Polymer Solutions

Environmentally Friendly Solutions Through Chemical Grafting


Advanced Polymer Solutions (APS) takes pride in offering a unique brand of comprehensive product solutions through our patented Chemical Grafting technology.


Receive a custom tailored solution that improves your productivity, performance, sustainability, and competitive advantage.


After working together for over 40 years in research and development, our employees focused their efforts on starting a new company. Our value of "together-one" drives  honesty, integrity and a fundamental passion for chemistry.

Advanced Polymer Solutions strip

APS Process 

APS patented molecular bonding method can be applied through various means to a variety of substrates enhancing the properties resulting in a superior product.

Chemical Grafting

Understanding the molecular structure and nature of organic and inorganic materials is the key to APS scientists success.


Our chemists in-depth knowledge delivers an infinite advantage to our clients.

Chemical Grafting

Chemical Grafting

While the Chemical Grafting process is the same for all plastics the grafting initiator monomers and catalyst are vastly different depending on the type of plastic and desired properties. Each project is custom-tailored to meet our client's specifications.


APS unique chemical grafting process results in properties being

permanently attached to the substrate with the use of a specialized substrate activator and monomer system.


The following are a subset of the most commonly used substrates and desired properties for use with the APS process:

This list is only a reference of the process capabilities and not a limit as to what can be achieved. 

Quality Control Testing

Testing is performed at 

APS laboratory in  accordance with submitted required procedures to ensure performance requirements are being met and reproducible results are secured.

Quality Control Testing

Each project that comes into  APS  laboratory is treated on an individual basis.


APS will use its innovative capabilities in chemical grafting to select the proper combination of substrate activator

monomers and catalysts according to the submitted requirements. 


APS strives for cost competitive effective  formulations.


Once the formulation is successfully developed, APS will  assist in the implementation of the 

chemical grafting formulation at  the manufacturer's facility.


APS has  the necessary expertise  and  capabilities to manufacture and supply 

the formulation in the desired quantities for full  

scale production.

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advanced polymer solutions clients
advanced polymer solutions clients
advanced polymer solutions clients
advanced polymer solutions clients
advanced polymer solutions clients
advanced polymer solutions clients
advanced polymer solutions clients
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Ready to find out more?

Please contact us today for the technical expertise needed when developing a new product, improving an existing product, or optimizing a process. 


You can count on working with research and technology professionals with an impressive depth of knowledge and a strong commitment to solving your chemical grafting needs.

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