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The chemically grafted coatings, additives, and adhesives are unique and are NOT "off-the-shelf" formulations that cannot be found elsewhere. Manufacturing of formulations are supervised by PhD professionals. 


The aim of each project is to consistently manufacture the custom tailored formulation at desired quantities from 5 to 45,000 gallons. 


APS has a 10,000 sq. ft., fully equipped manufacturing facility. All shipments are quality controlled. 

At the conclusion of the project, Advanced Polymer Solutions offers our clients exclusivity.  APS will write a project report in the patent application form if the client elects to patent the work performed.  It will be patented solely under the clients name. In addition, APS will agree to not in engage in work in this industry. 


This services provides APS clients a huge competitive edge! APS formulations are unique and our expertise is impossible to reproduce or reverse engineer.  Consequently, APS clients will have a more superior performing and durable product. APS high regard for confidentiality ensures all information is protected by strict mutual NDAs. 

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