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Quality Control Testing

  • Homogenizers,

  • Centrifuges, 

  • Coating equipment

  • Extruders, Ovens, 

  • Salt Spray Chamber, 

  • Tabar Abrade Rand

Testing is performed at APS' laboratory in accordance with the submitted required procedures to ensure performance requirements are being met and reproducible results are secured. APS' laboratory is fully equipped with the necessary means to successfully formulate and test new chemistries.  This includes: 

APS maintains a huge inventory of monomers, prepolymers, pigments and dyes. ​Special software programs are used to assist in the analysis of the molecules, reactions, and to keep APS chemists up-to-date on new products. 

The goal of the APS quality control testing process in every chemical grafting engagement is to analyze and monitor the quality of manufacturing activities to detect problems and produce the best formulas possible for a given coating, additive, and or laminate.  

Our expert professionals and automated systems will inspect and play an important role in the quality assessment inclusive of selecting the best raw materials, product testing, and determining the best combination of formulas to achieve the desired outcomes. 

Image by Aron Visuals


Once the formulation is successfully developed, APS will  assist in the implementation of the  chemical grafting formulation at  the manufacturer's facility. APS has the necessary expertise and  capabilities to manufacture and supply the formulation in the desired quantities for full  scale production. 



At the conclusion of the project, APS offers our clients exclusivity. APS will write a project report in the patent application form if the client elects to patent this work and it will be patented solely under the clients name. In addition, APS will agree to not engage in work in this industry. 


This service gives APS clients a huge competitive edge. APS formulations are unique  and our expertise is  impossible to reproduce or reverse engineer. Consequently, APS clients will have a more superior performing and durable product. In addition, with APS high regard for confidentiality, all information is kept between APS and its clients. 

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