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Polycarbonate Flame Resistance

Chemical grafting can increase the flame resistance polycarbonate based upon your specifications. With Ph.D. polymer chemists and a team of well trained scientists, APS is able to provide clients with expert solutions with synthetic polymers and plastic products. Third party companies routinely use APT scientists and facilities for out-sourced research projects. ​ Once we develop […]

Polycarbonate Chemical Resistance

Polycarbonate Chemical Resistance This formulation can be added to the resin or developed as a coating. Chemical grafting can increase the chemical resistance of polycarbonate against the following agents: solvents, acids, alkalis, salts, alcohols, hydrocarbons, nitriles and more If you manufacture a product which contains polycarbonate and are looking  to increase the chemical resistance of […]

Polycarbonate Abrasion Resistance

Our Clients  come to APS for our scientific expertise when the endeavor is enhancing an existing product, improving manufacturing  efficiencies, or discovering a solution that  creates an innovative new product.   Our specialists  have a deep understanding  of both raw materials and production processes.  Their focus is effective and efficient solutions  to help you reduce […]