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The chemically grafted coatings, additives, and adhesives are unique and are NOT “off-the-shelf” formulations that cannot be found elsewhere. Manufacturing of formulations are supervised by PhD professionals. The aim of each project is to consistently manufacture the custom tailored formulation at desired quantities from 5 to 45,000 gallons. APS has a 10,000 sq. ft., fully […]

Chemical Grafting

APS unique chemical grafting process results in properties being permanently attached to the substrate with the use of a specialized substrate activator and monomer system. The following are the most commonly used substrates and desired properties for use with APS process application methods. Most Common Application Methods This is only a reference list of the […]

Plastic Additives

Plastic Additives ​ In certain instances, the manufacturer wishes to compound the modification into the raw material in bulk form. Sometimes it is desirable for the substrate activator and monomer system to be incorporated into the matrix of the substrate. The plastic additive is to be blended with the pellets or resin and will be […]


Frequently Asked Questions Q: Can chemical grafting impart desirable  properties of an expensive plastic onto a less  expensive plastic? A: Yes, the less expensive would then have the  properties of a more expensive plastic resulting in  tremendous cost savings. Q: Can chemical  grafting  work on any substrate? A: No, although we have a vast array […]