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corrosion resistance
production. Most formulations are applied in one step and
easily adaptable to any manufacturing method. APS has
easily adaptable to any manufacturing method. APS has
the necessary expertise and capabilities to manufacture
and supply the formulation in the desired quantities for full
scale production.
fully equipped with the necessary means to
successfully formulate and test new chemistries.
This includes homogenizers, centrifuges, coating
equipment, extruders, ovens, salt spray chamber,
and a huge inventory of monomers, prepolymers
and pigments/dyes. Samples are treated, tested
accordingly and submitted to the company. Special
software programs and the internet are used to
assist in analysis of molecules and reactions and to
keep APS chemists up-to-date on new products,
enhancing APS' capabilities.
chemicl grafting formulations
chemical research
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At the conclusion of the project, Advanced Polymer Solutions offers our clients the option of obtaining exclusivity. APS will
write a project report in patent application form, if requested. In addition, APS will agree to not engage in work in this project
area for any company in that industry.

This service gives APS clients a huge competitive edge. APS formulations are unique and our expertise is impossible to
reproduce or reverse engineered. Consequently, APS clients will have a more superior performing and durable product. In
addition, with APS' high regard for confidentiality, all information is kept between APS and its clients.
Each project that comes into APS laboratory is treated on
an individual basis. APS will use their extraordinary
capabilities in chemical grafting to select the proper
combination of substrate activator, monomers/prepolymers
and catalysts according to the submitted requirements. The
substrate activators form bonding sites on the substrate(s)
molecules and the monomers/prepolymers polymerize to
form new polymer side chains on these activated sites.

The project team will develop a new formulation in the form
of a coating, additive into a resin (solid or liquid) or
adhesive between materials. Advanced Polymer Solutions
will use their extraordinary capabilities in molecular bonding
to select the proper combination of catalysts and
monomers/prepolymers according to the submitted
requirements. Catalysts will activate the substrates and the
monomers/prepolymers will polymerize to form new polymer
side chains on the substrate. The monomers/prepolymers
(and their combinations) are chosen according to their
functional group to achieve the new desired properties.
These new side chains will be chemically bonded to the
substrate by a covalent linkage, therefore the new
functionalities cannot be leached from the substrate even
under severe conditions.
Once the formulation is
successfully developed, APS will
assist in implementation of the
chemical grafting formulation at
the manufacturer's facility. If the
manufacturer's facility. If
necessary, an APS chemist will
Testing is performed at
APS laboratory according
to the submitted required
procedures to ensure
performance requirements
are being met and
reproducible results are
secured. APS laboratory is
APS facility
Advanced Polymer Solutions
New York