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Chemical Grafting
Understanding the molecular structure and
nature of organic and the key to APS'
research our chemists have detailed
knowledge of the following offers an infinite
Product Enhancement:
APS' unique chemical grafting process
results in properties being permanently
attached to the substrate with the use of a
specialized substrate activator and monomer
  • Abrasion / Wear Resistance
  • Impact Resistance
  • Lubricity,
  • Conductivity
  • Temperature Resistance
  • Color
  • Replacement of Plating

  • Oxygen and Moisture Barrier
  • Nonflammability
  • Scratch / Abrasion Resistance
  • Increased Structural Strength
  • UV Resistance
  • Adhesion to other Materials
  • Flavor Barrier
  • Chemical Resistance

  • Nonflammability
  • Hydrophobicity
  • Alteration of "Hand"
  • Anti-Static
  • Stain Resistance
  • Increased Dye Receptivity
  • Wrinkle Resistance

  • Slow Release
  • increased Comfort to Skin
  • Hydrophobicity / Hydrophilicity
  • Bactericidial / Fungicidal properties

Glass / Ceramic:
  • Adhesion to Ink
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Shatter Resistance
  • Permanent Color
  • Conductivity / Temperture Resistance
  • Hydrophobic Properties

  • Oil / Fuel Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Lubricity
  • UV / Ozone Resistance
  • Wear Resistance
  • Temperature Resistance
  • Adhesion to Various Materials

  • Oil / Grease Resistance
  • Water Repellency
  • UV Resistance
  • Flame Retardancy
  • Ahesion to other Materials
  • Weatherability
  • APS' assistance in analyzing and defining problems through their
    understanding of the chemical and physical basics of all materials
    and how they behave and interact;
  • APS' unique patented molecular bonding method not offered
    by other companies and unavailable in house, developed through
    years of chemical research.
  • APS' individually tailored approach to the most effective solution
    for each client (not available at raw material suppliers);
  • APS' collaberation with clients to form a cooperation that ensure
    the best results and most acceptable implementation of the
    chemical grafting process;
  • Ability to concentrate on your core products and business
  • Exclusive, patentable formulation for you to gain a competitive
    edge over competition with a more superior performing products
    and decreased costs;
  • Increased sales and ability to market your product into broader
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  • Molecular make up of substrates such as plastics, rubber, wood,
    paper, glass, ceramics and metals.
  • Method of activating substrates to form sites for attachment of
    new functionalities.
  • Activity of functional groups on monomers and prepolymers and
    how to combine them to provide new and unique properties on
  • Interaction of monomers and prepolymers and in linking them
    together to form new polymer side chains.
  • Combining all reactive ingredients to formulate easy to apply,
    cost effective surface treatments, additives and adhesives.
  • Upscaling chemically grafted formulations from laboratory to pilot
    scale to full scale manufacturing using existing/minimal equipment.
  • Production of these unique formulation, supervised by a Ph.D. in
    polymer chemistry to ensure each shipment is quality controlled.
plastic coatings

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Chemical Grafting impart desirable
properties of an expensive plastic onto a less
expensive plastic?
Yes, the less expensive would then have the
properties of a more expensive plastic resulting in
tremendous cost saving.

Can Chemical Grafting work on any substrate?
No, although we have a vast array of activation
monomers, they cannot activate every substrate.
Email us @
for a complete list of substrates which cannot be

Can my company patent the formulation once
it is developed?
Yes, you will own the formulation, we will assist in
obtaining your patent.

Are the formulations safe?
Yes, The ingredients in all APS formulations will be
completely safe, can be water based in many
cases, and will conform to OSHA, EPA and, if
required, FDA guidelines.

Can a chemically grafted formulation be used
to attach two different types of plastic?
Yes, in this case two different types of monomers
will be used to activate the substrate. This
application would be used as a coating between
the two substrates.

Can the formulation be added to ink?
Yes to improve adhesion to various substrates,
glass, textiles, etc. Also to impart desirable
properties into the ink such as scratch resistance.

Once developed can Advanced Polymer
Solutions manufacture the coating or
Yes, we can manufacture the formulation in any
amount to meet your requirements.

When grafting onto metals is any heat source

No, our activation monomers will bond to the metal
forming a covalent bond.

If you would like additional information regarding
our patented chemical grafting process or would
like to know how chemical grafting can benefit your
email us:

All information is strictly confidential, however prior
to releasing any information regarding your project
to us, APS will sign a non disclosure agreement.
APS is not and has never been affiliated with any other corporation
or entity.
It is a privately held corporation whose end aim is full scale
manufacture of the formulation for its clients.
Advanced Polymer Solutions has been involved in chemical grafting
for 35 years, providing clients with company-tailored product solutions
that improves their productivity, performance, sustainability, and
competitive advantage. Each formulation is tailored by our
scientist to meet each clients specifications. Our end aim is to
manufacture the formulation for you on a full scale basis.

This is how we ensure our long-term business success with chemical
grafted solutions for almost all sectors of industry.

APS facility
Advanced Polymer Solutions custom tailored formulations are designed to replace your current solvent based or other toxic based coating or adhesive with an Eco - Friendly water based formulation without sacrificing any inherent characteristics. In addition APS can enhance an existing coating or formulation by chemically grafting additional barrier properties into the formulation forming a covalent bond with the substrate. We also develop new formulations based upon our clients specifications. No capital investment on equipment is needed as the formulation will comply with your current application methods, it can be sprayed, rolled, dipped etc based upon your specifications. There is virtually no down time as the new chemically grafted formulation replaces the old solvent based coating, creating a safe environment throughout your facility while at the same time achieving a much superior chemical bond with your substrate. No heat is required for the reaction to take place but if dying time is a concern a temperature of 150F will reduce the dying time. Thus providing a cost effective solution.
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Advanced Polymer Solutions
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To learn more about Chemical Grafting, please visit the following pages:
plastic additives and plastic coatings
The above list is only a small representation of properties which
were grafted onto five different types of plastic, we have extensive
experience grafting onto nearly all types of plastic.
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Chemically Grafted Bonding Agents
Forming a covalent bond between two different substrates. Customized
formation based upon your specifications.
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Below is a small sample of some of the companies Advanced Polymer Solutions has performed work for.
In every industry both large and small companies have relied on APS for that specialized problem solving formulation.
Learn how Chemical Grafting can enhance your product's performance while lowering cost. Our monomer based
formulations are more cost effective then polymer based formulations to manufacture. It's a smaller molecule.

Please schedule your meeting a minimum of one day in advance.
APS' core business is to develop and
manufacture custom formulations for product and commercialization improvements and cost reductions, therefore, is the ultimate technical resource for manufacturers. Using
this innovative project approach, companies can take advantage of.