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Advanced Polymer Solutions
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Long Island, NY 11050
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Contact us today for the technical expertise needed when developing a new product,
improving an existing product or optimizing a process. You can count on working with
research and technology professionals with an impressive depth of knowledge and a
strong commitment to solving your problem. Our custom tailored formulations are designed
to replace your current solvent based or other toxic based coating or adhesive with an
Eco - Friendly water based formulation without sacrificing any inherent characteristics.
In addition APS can enhance an existing coating or formulation by chemically grafting,
additional barrier properties into the formulation forming a covalent bond with the
substrate. We also develop new formulations based upon our clients specifications.

Learn how Chemical Grafting can enhance your product's performance while lowering cost.
Our monomer based formulations are more cost effective then polymer based formulations
to manufacture. It's a smaller molecule.
All information is strictly confidential. Prior to releasing any information regarding your project to us, APS will sign
a non disclosure agreement.